Waste Service Reviews

WasteConsulting has developed its own unique waste ‘HealthCheck’ for waste collection and unitary authorities; designed to assess the strategic, financial and operational performance of the service – whether these are provided in-house or contracted-out.

Many reviews have been carried out for Councils since 2009, sponsored by Improvement & Efficiency South East, and while they are confidential and only limited data is published – the average efficiencies identified by our ‘HealthCheck’ service exceed £500,000 per annum.

The ‘HealthCheck’ aims to clearly establish:

  1. How services compare to the best performers
  2. Where cost savings, efficiencies and service quality improvements can be made
  3. Material risks to be addressed or mitigated
  4. Proposals for short, medium and longer-term action

The process involves:

  1. Review of current / recent relevant authority documentation
  2. Primary data collection on workforce performance, quantities of waste and recyclables collected, data from CRM system, current and future strategies etc
  3. Review of accounts and budgets for the service and key cost data
  4. Analysis and benchmarking
  5. Report and action plan