Procuring waste, street cleansing and associated services such as grounds maintenance is a major project. The process itself is one that requires skills that extend beyond waste management and into areas including finance, legal, audit and procurement.

It is a key tool for delivering efficiencies for local authorities with sustainable procurement now being the aim and the process needs to deliver the services that have been identified as necessary to implement key strategies such as the waste strategy – increasingly as part of a suite of options helping deliver the overall strategies for the authority.

WasteConsulting is experienced in assisting councils with:

  • Identifying the needs of authorities
  • Establishing the procurement team and Member input
  • Developing contract documents that deliver key aims and objectives
  • Evaluating the procurement process options – including Competitive Dialogue
  • Understanding the relevant rules and regulations
  • Undertaking the procurement and evaluation processes
  • Contract implementation
  • Contract management
  • Establishing client / contractor relationships

We understand the importance of contract management being included for consideration in terms of procurement and to ensure that the successful contractor is able to match the demands of the authority.

The contract management ethos of the bidders should be evaluated alongside the other criteria identified.

We also understand that Members play a key role in the procurement process and have a track record of ensuring that they have the right level of knowledge, keeping them involved at the appropriate level and up to date with progress.