Options Appraisal, Modelling & General Financial Support for Environmental Services

There is an increasing number of options available to Councils when considering making changes to the way materials are collected and subsequently re-used, processed or disposed of, or service rounds configured.

It is important that the options being considered are well presented and models are underpinned by robust, up-to-date financial and technical analysis to enable good decision making.

WasteConsulting has experience of waste modelling for disposal and collection authorities, often as part of a joint exercise, in order to complete options appraisals to build a business case to support service changes linked to efficiencies for authorities.

Our previous work extends to the following areas:

–   Options appraisal
–   Business Case development
–   Feasibility studies
–   Strategy development
–   Payment Mechanism
–   Fund raising
–   Efficiency reviews
–   Commercial due diligence
–   Project structuring
–   Commercial negotiations