Efficiencies in Street Cleansing

Councils street cleansing budgets are significant sums and can be similar levels to refuse and recycling. They represent a major area for efficiency and tend not to be reviewed as frequently as other services.

We have identified 3 ‘Elements of Change’ that are necessary to bring about sustained efficiencies:

  • Efficiency – Flexible, focused allocation of resources
  • Engagement – Whole Council & Community Involvement
  • Enforcement – Effective sanction and action

The change of working programmes to provide street cleansing efficiencies and, in turn, improving standards, cannot be done in isolation and any practical efficiency can only be achieved by the support and engagement of the whole Council, the local community to minimise the amount of litter produced and Enforcement, to take appropriate action against those who have no interest in a cleaner environment.

Our experience has shown that Councils can struggle to identify or implement these ‘new’ methods of operation on their own and benefit from some support. We work with the various levels of governance and management within Councils through Members, Directors, Heads of Service, Managers, Supervisors, Chargehands and Operatives to achieve an understanding of what needs to change and why. By bringing the 3 elements of change together, with a common understanding throughout the Council and the wider community, efficiencies can both be delivered and maintained.

WasteConsulting has a track record of delivering sustainable savings in excess of 15% of total Street Cleansing budgets through adopting the above approach.